Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Beyonce’s New CD is Number 1

Beyonce’s"4" for the first time at number one Beyonce album this week with about 300,000 copies sold. These are the first good, but not great "4", saying its predecessor sold 480,000 copies in the year and a half years ago.
Low number is probably an indication of how the record biz declined over the same period. It's not Beyonce also a large number of this album. Of the past, "I am ... Sasha fierce", she has up with the "ladies only". The video was so ironic. "4" is not far, but lacking a bit.
I think that the emergence of a strong Beyonce on "Good Morning America" ​​last Friday, has helped him a lot. She sang live, it seems a million bucks, and already moved to do so. All players must be the current record. When Beyonce was in, it is worth its weight in gold. It is worth mentioning that at the same time, Beyonce shouting at "GMA" set forth in Central Park, I found the rapper Pitbull to show "Today." Was not very good, and sales fell a. Were a number of 7 and 15.
This was a rare "Today" error. On Friday, gold country singer Blake Shelton to the "day", which should be beaten. On Friday, the next Chris Brown Yikes, what do you think? At the same time, Adele started to get No. 2 this week, is still deep in the green rolling. Lady Gaga stations in the top 10 to oblivion.

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