Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Devon Watch, Zelda Playing Cards & Nixie clock

Devon Watch Day, we have some cool ways to learn time and time. First we look at works on a belt and pulley system, but the best part is that you can see everything works.
We also have a set of cards based on the "Legend of Zelda"favorite characters. In addition, there is one hour-to-date on the basis of the old design. You can see every day. Enjoy!
What: View the thread
By: Devon Works
What does it mean: Keep time with the band and pulley design.
Belt and pulley driven clocks are not new concepts, and although the step WORKS Devon 1 is a class of its own with the movement of a patent called the timing belt. Working with four small motors, belts, and lubricants, including A without the tread of each pulleysystem provides a unique view of the pass rates. And the processor on board the plane, powered by lithium polymer batteries, to ensure the accuracy of the time.

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