Monday, July 4, 2011

Greatest American Actresses

Like most other fields, professions, hobbies and, well, really, anything else, to truly succeed, on a lasting level, as a woman in show business has required a double standard-satisfying portfolio of talent, dedication and brains. As Hollywood rose from its short, silent roots to a full blown, culture setting industry, it was of course men who made  and took for their own the most prominent, glory filled parts in  film.

First cast as ladies in distres and objects of desire and prize, it took certain landmark talents to prove that women can not only appear on camera, they can own it in ways all their own. In Hollywood today, while certain segregations and institutional biases still exist (to which the gender of screenwriters, directors and producers can in many ways be linked), the woman star takes the lead now more than ever before.

In recognition of that growth, and in honor of the American creative and business dominance of show business, this July 4th, we take a look at some of the greatest American-born women actors, putting to a vote just which one is the greatest. Of course, all have their arguments, and it may-well be impossible to decide, but it's at least worth looking back at their careers.

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