Monday, July 4, 2011

nancy grace

As the noose begins to tighten around the defense in the trial of Casey Anthony, the hour in which her attorneys must decide whether to put her on the stand or not inches ever closer. On today’s Good Morning America, Nancy Grace and Dan Abrams addressed rumors of how Anthony’s defense was tinted by the April Whalen story and what the defense has to consider in deciding to put Anthony on the stand.

Grace began the discussion by noting the similarities between Whalen and Anthony’s stories, and adding that it was very possible for Anthony to have heard the story– “you can hear everything,” Grace said of the jailcell atmosphere and decided to use it as an explanation for how her child died. Abrams replied that he could see how the story was possible, but not likely. “I predict we will not see April Whalen on the witness stand,” he concluded. On that latter point, Grace agreed– ” the state has a good thing going, why would they blow it with an inmate who will lose credibility on cross-examination.......

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