Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Universal Studios Theme Park, Los Angeles

When most people think Jurassic Park, their thoughts turn to gigantic and often angry dinosaurs, Steven Spielberg and really good theme music. But when Khloe Kardashian, hubby Lamar Odom and crew came to Universal Studios -- our Hot Spot of the Day -- for some summer fun in the sun, the only thing they associated Jurassic Park with was one gigantic splash.

Wondering what millionaire basketball players and socialite families do when it's scorching hot outside and no longer appropriate to light of illegal fireworks in your backyard? Well, if you're Khloe, Lamar, Rob and the gang, you head on over to Universal Studios -- a theme park so desperate for business that they'll give you a full year pass if you buy a one day ticket! Can you think of a better way to fight off the post July 4th blues? Yeah, didn't think so.

Universal Studios is both a movie studio and a theme park that advertises itself as "The Coolest Place in LA." This monicker of sorts is incredibly ironic for two reasons: One, the park isn't technically in Los Angeles -- it's located in the unincorporated Universal City community -- and two, that region of LA county is uncomfortably hot during the summer months. Adding insult to its ironic injury, the place has also lit on fire eight times since opening. But hey, this is the same place that still thinks Waterworld is cool, so yeah...

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