Thursday, July 7, 2011

Universal Studios Theme Park, Los Angeles

Universal Studios ,Turned their ideas when most people think of Jurassic Park, to the giant (and evil in many cases) dinosaurs, and Steven Spielberg and the subject of really good music. Then Khloe Kardashian, Lamar Odom and crew Baal Universal Studios - a hot spot we have today - for some fun in the sun in the summer, was the only thing that is associated with a huge splash park dinosaurs.
I wonder what is the millionaire basketball players and their families for social butterfly when burning hot out and is not suitable for illegal fireworks in the light of your backyard? ou can think of a better way to combat this frustrating last 4 July? Yes, I do not think so.
Universal Studios is a film studio and the garden that announces itself as "the finest place in Los Angeles." This type is very monicker is ironic for two reasons: one, in the park is technically in Los Angeles - it is located in a registered society, Universal City - and two, this area of ​​Los Angeles is uncomfortable in the hot summer months. Make matters worse, his irony, and also on the fire lit up eight times since it opened. But hey, this is the only place that still believes Waterworld is cool, and so they are ..

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