Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Atleast mughees and muneeb find Final decion

First of all before to write this news my heart is very depress because whenever i see mughees and muneeb picture i fount myself and my brother in them we are all know that whatever happen in Sialkot that was not good but we did not do anything.Is this a Islam ? Is islam give us dicision power like that so I am not able to stand like that Muslims.As a Muslim today i feel again very shame on me.
Chief Justice is great man who gave final dcision to mughees and muneeb parents.mughees and muneeb was innocent if they do any crime so people has no right to give him punishment.
mughees and muneeb grand father and mother said that they people give him many blackmail cals and money for leave this case.
Finally Chief Justice said 7 people will punishment is 4 time death and other people will be in jail in whole life.

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