Tuesday, September 13, 2011


The new fall season officially kicked into gear with the Sept. 13 premiere of "Ringer." The CW's biggest gamble yet, it's also a bold move for star Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Seven seasons as lead on beloved and iconic "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" rest on Gellar's shoulders, and though it wouldn't be fair to judge her TV follow-up after just one outing, it's never too soon to get a dialogue started.

So "Ringer" crams a lot into its first episode, much more than you're likely to see from any other pilots. And though the developments come fast and furious -- Bridget's on the lamb, Bridget and Siobhan are reunited, Siobhan is dead, Bridget is now Siobhan, turns out Siobhan wasn't so great, Siobhan isn't so dead either -- there's not a whole lot of exposition.

The origins of the rift between the twins remains one of the biggest questions, though the picture of that child leads us to conclude Bridget's drug-fueled stripper antics somehow caused the death of Siobhan's son.

And what about that Siobhan? Quite the piece of work. The cryptic phone call makes it appear that she might have organized the attempt on Bridget's life. Then again, if she's running from something herself, it may just be (another) case of mistaken identity.

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