Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Last Man Standing

"Last Man Standing" premiered Tuesday night (Oct. 11) on ABC - does this mark the triumphant return of Tim Allen to sitcomland after his successful eight-year run on "Home Improvement"?

We don't know if this is the "triumphant" return. While we like Allen and his on-screen wife Nancy Travis, the show just didn't do it for us. Tim's male schtick wasn't done as well as it was on "Home Improvement." At one point, he cracks that his grandson going to "Hippie Hippie Rainbow" daycare will land him "dancing on a float." When his daughter asks what is wrong with that, he says, "The only time men should be dancing is when other men are shooting at their feet."

Not only was it homophobic,, but it also implied that if you're not a "manly-man," you'll be gay. Like those are the only two choices. It also wasn't funny. As shows like "It's Always Sunny" and "The League" have shown, no topic is off limits as long as you're funny enough. But this was just run-of-the-mill "manly-man" humor, which - been there, done that

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