Thursday, July 7, 2011

Paris Hilton Has Found Her Happy, Healthy Place

Paris Hilton has gained worldwide recognition for her lavish heiress spending ways, high-profile relationships with multi-millionaires, ability to turn socialite status into massive fame...and that ridiculously svelte body. After seeing the starlet shovel down fast food on The Simple Life and seemingly experience little weight fluctuation, we've assumed Paris is one of those magically forever-thin women. Recently though, she's opened up about being too thin in the past, momentarily becoming a little gym-obsessed, and finally – finding a happy medium with her body.

Diet: Paris is no stranger to majorly indulgent foods like Taco Bell and McDonald's, and it's always fun (though kind of strange) to see the bigger-than-life starlet going through a fast food drive-thru. Don't be too fooled. The long and lean lady is able to down those greasy treats because she keeps her portions in strict control, and she's also become quite the lover of clean foods.

Paris has said she doesn't "fully indulge" but takes small tastes. "I have no diet secret, just sensible eating," she's said. It's hard to say if her organic streak is still going strong since her breakup with health guru Cy Waits, but earlier this year Paris said: "Now I only eat organic foods. [Cy] makes me watch documentaries on food, like Fast Food Nation, and he makes me aware of what things are good for your body because he's very into that." Paris has also been known to ditch her favorite ice cream and burger fixes for the Green Leaves diet (lettuce, cabbage, spinach, etc.) to flatten her stomach back to it's chiseled ab form.

When the nightlife princess graces the red carpet at ultra-exclusive clubs around the world, it's actually often Red Bull she's drinking. Booze can load on the calories – according to the average alcoholic drink has about 96 calories – and we're sure Paris opts for the light version of Red Bull. When she does hit the liquor, she loves to mix a dash of cranberry juice, peach schnapps, and jagermeister.

Exercise: Paris Hilton's never been an athletic one, per se, but she does get her exercise in with personal trainer Teddy Bass. He guides her through aerobic exercises twice a week and in her own time Paris loves to surf, bike, and do Pilates.

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