Thursday, July 7, 2011

Weston Cage and Nikki Williams Patch Things Up

Earlier this week, Nicolas Cage's son Weston took to Facebook to announce his intention to divorce wife Nikki Williams after just a few months of matrimony.

The statement came after both he and Williams were arrested for felony domestic violence charges on Monday. Cage also denied having harmed his wife, writing, "Why would I start abusing after she was positive after taking a pregnancy test?

Despite a fair amount of acrimony all of it played out in public, naturally it seems that Cage and Williams have patched up whatever led to her charging at him with a broken beer bottle (or so he claimed...also on Facebook). On Thursday, Cage wrote, "OUR LOVE CAN'T BE BROKEN, THIS WAS THE WAR TO END ALL WARS AND PEACE IS NOT ETERNAL. I APOLOGIZE FOR BEING DEFENSIVE I DID IT OUT OF FEARING LIES BECOMING real. forever is forever.
Cage also attempted to rectify some of his previous online wrongs by writing, "To all the slutty women I responded to online. You are nothing to me and i used those conversations to spite my wife and she knows who you are. I AM AN A**HOLE. I especially apologize to my beloved SOULMATE WIFE Nikki Williams Cage. I know wholeheartedly that my core is property of Nikki's and that no other man or woman could ever unlock thy everlasting bonds that the gods have fastened to my wife and I.
Cage also made the mistake of posting his phone number on his profile it's still up, which resulted in the following update: "that's it im a moron i should never have posted my number on the internet. all the random girls chill the f**k out.I will find you and have you dealt with for vexation. All the weird dude acting like jason from friay the thirteen S**T THE F**K UP ur hillrious

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