Sunday, September 25, 2011

LSU football

West Virginia is LSU's third Spread-offense opponent this month, but different than Oregon and Mississippi State. The Mountaineers like to throw the ball around to many receivers and in all manner of routes. They won't go deep unless invited to. LSU defensive backs must tackle well in space and run to the ball in case the first defender misses. Expect to see defensive linemen and linebackers chasing down plays from the backside, because the field will be spread out. Mountaineers receivers and running backs aren't big, which makes them a little harder to pin down. LSU has to be careful not to overpursue on the pass rush because Geno Smith is a much better runner than Mississippi State's Chris Relf. The Tigers did a good job last season holding Smith to 119 yards passing on 14 completions, but the offense is a little different under first-year coach Dana Holgorsen. He may have some gadget plays to even the talent disadvantage.

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